Women HRDs Conference 2019 Report

The Conference brought together WHRDs, generations of women who are achievers, middle-level-emerging leaders and young students as well as participants from Government institutions, Civil Society Organizations, international organizations and diplomatic missions.

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The Guide Booklet on POMA, APA and PPTA

This guide provides an overview of human rights standards and principles that should be respected during law enforcement. It guides law enforcement officialsto avoid human rights violations when enforcing the law. The guide, which addresses the reader directly, explains in simple language how law enforcement officials can enforce the Public Order Management Act, 2013 (POMA), the Prohibition and Prevention of Torture Act, 2012 (PPTA), and the Anti-Pornography Act, 2014 (APA), without violating the state’s duty to respect, protect and fulfil human rights.

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Human rights belong to all Ugandans, and it is the duty of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary to protect and enforce those rights. The Committee on Human Rights in Parliament was created in July 2012. It has a mandate which is dedicated to human rights.It is important in a democracy to ensure that there is justice and all rights are defended, and that is what is expected of this Committee.The Committee will be charged with monitoring Government’s observance of human rights. The mandate has already been defined by Rule 174 of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament and the Members of Parliament serving on the Committee are expected to adhere to it. This booklet explains to the people of Uganda what the Committee on Human Rights is, its importance and its functions.

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Women HRDs Report

Women human rights defenders are both female and male human rights defenders, and any other human rights defenders who work in the defence of women’s rights or on gender issues. Women human rights defenders are not only subject to the same risks as any other human rights defenders but are also vulnerable to gender-specific threats and violence from the communities and authorities. This report analyses the situation of women human rights defenders in Uganda.

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Overview of activities

Launch of the HRDs report 2016.

HRD capacity building workshop.

Commemoration of the anti-torture day.

HRCU staff at a human rights show.