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Defending Human Rights Defenders


At the Human Rights Centre Uganda (HRCU) we appreciate media campaigns to reach out to the general public and HRDs about different human rights issues for purposes of sharing information and rising their awareness about their rights and responsibilities.

The media campaigns  include:

Interactive Radio talk shows

HRCU regularly uses interactive radio talk shows to campaign for the protection and promotion of human rights and the rights of HRDs. The talk shows are held where HRCU conducts capacity building training workshops. The discussions are on HRDs; their rights and responsibilities. Through these talk shows, listeners get to know more about the mandate and work of HRCU. By calling in and asking questions listeners get information, immediately clarification thus increasing their awareness and understanding of defending human rights. HRCU is also able to get immediate feedback on the listeners’ understanding and perspectives on the issues discussed. 

Radio spot messages

HRCU continually uses radio spot messages to disseminate information about HRDs on the promotion and protection of their rights to audiences at the national and local levels. The spot messages enabled HRCU to have a wider reach to provide critical information primarily to HRDs but also to the rest of the listening audiences.


  • By: jose
    UN expert hails role of equality bodies and action plans in combating racism: NEW YORK / GENEVA (2 November 2016) – States should maximize the use of specialized equality bodies and national action plans to tackle racism and xenophobia, a United Nations human rights expert has said. Using these tools was key to identifying the causes and shaping new policies, said the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, Mutuma Ruteere. “National specialized bodies and national action plans address the root causes of discrimination in areas such as employment, housing, education, the justice system, law enforcement and access to different goods and services,” Mr. Ruteree said, presenting a report* to the UN General Assembly. “They also drive change in State and private organizations Read the Special Rapporteur’s report:

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