HRD situation reports

The Human Rights Centre Uganda (HRCU) annually carries out research on the working environment of human rights defenders in Uganda. This research highlights the challenges, opportunities and recommendations. It is disseminated to human rights defenders and other stakeholders.

Situation Reports

HRCU activity reports

HRCU annually conducts a number of activities under the different projects that are aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of human rights defenders in Uganda. These activities are documented as well as results acheived after carrying the monitoring and evaluation visits in the places where the activites were held.

Activity Reports

Simplification of laws

HRCU has continuously taken the initiative to simplify the existing laws in a simpler communication language that is easily understood by many people who do not have a legal background. This has been instrumental in raising more informed human rights defenders in the country and the region.

Simplified laws

IEC material

The Human Rights Centre Uganda ensures that all Ugandans understand their human rights entitlement and obligations. In order to acheive this HRCU has translated the chapter four of Uganda's constitution, UN declaration of human rights defender and several other international and national law.

IEC material

Other Publications

New human rights concerns keep comming up every day. The Human Rights Centre Uganda also keeps publishing other publications on new human rights concerns. These publications focus on the new laws that have been passed in the country, those on the regional level and international level.

Other Publications

Newsletters and Articles

HRCU publishes human rights articles regularly. These articles are aimed at providing public information on the human rights situation in the country, region or international. HRCU has seen changes in the public’s perception on human rights issues after the publishing of these articles.

Newsletters and Articles

Overview of activities

Launch of the HRD's situation report

IEC materials.

Commemoration of the international anti-torture day

HRDs at the HRDs annual forum.