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Register for the 6th Annual WHRDs Conference, 2023

Welcome to “Her Voice” – an empowering and transformative leadership conference that celebrates the resounding power of women’s voices in shaping our country. In a society where the narratives, experiences, and contributions of women have often been marginalized, it is essential to create a platform that amplifies their voices, acknowledges their achievements, and addresses the challenges they face. This conference serves as a dynamic space to explore current themes revolving around women’s rights including women’s influence and leadership today, and their how voices, expertise, talent, experiences, perspectives, stories and contributions equally drive the thinking, planning and the future of different industries. 

“Her Voice” recognises that women’s voices are not only diverse but also crucial to bring positive change. Through thought-provoking panel discussions, engaging workshops, and inspiring keynote speeches, the conference will empower women and their allies to understand and harness the immense power within their voices. By embracing the theme of “Her Voice,” we embrace the belief that every woman has a unique and valuable perspective that deserves to be heard and valued. 

The conference will explore the multifaceted roles of women, women’s rights, the triumphs, struggles, and achievements they experience across various domains. We will also navigate the complexities of women’s careers in the current climate, addressing issues such as equality, work-life balance, reinventing oneself and professional growth. Additionally, the conference will shine a spotlight on the crucial role of women in politics, emphasising their impact in shaping policies and driving social change with the personal experiences of elected female members of the legislature present. 

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