The Human Rights Centre Uganda

The Human Rights Centre Uganda (HRCU) is a nonprofit organization established in November 2008 with the sole aim of contributing to the protection and promotion of the rights of Human Rights Defenders in Uganda. Having scanned the environment for the work of human rights actors in Uganda, HRCU is of the view that there is need in Uganda to give emphasis to the promotion and protection of the rights of human rights defenders. Accordingly HRCU will give special emphasis to promoting and protecting the rights of Human Rights Defenders in Uganda.

HRCU recognizes that human rights work requires synergy and collaboration and in its activities will seek to work collaboratively with other actors in the human rights field. Collaboration will especially be emphasized in promotional, research and monitoring activities of the human rights defenders.

Our Vision

A society which enjoys and upholds universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Our Mission

To promote and protect human rights for all, particularly those of human rights defenders.