Research and Development

Research is a key component of the Human Rights Centre Uganda (HRCU). It involves monitoring, analyzing and documenting the situation/environment in which HRDs operate in Uganda. Since its inception HRCU has been undertaking studies on the situation of HRDs in Uganda; analyzing their working environment, challenges, threats, opportunities and strategies.

Research is carried out all year round since issues keep emerging that affect the environment in which HRDs operate

Through research, HRCU has produced reports, publications that have increased the body of knowledge and promoted effective advocacy for improved human rights in Uganda In preparing the report HRCU reviews relevant documents and conducts interviews with HRDs, government officials, security officials and development partners.

The principal objective of these reports is to analyze the environment in which HRDs operate, the relationship amongst Human Rights Institutions on one hand and NGOs and government agencies on the other hand. The reports also identify the sources of threats to HRDs, the operational challenges they face, their use of available protective mechanisms, the best practices and make recommendations.

The organization has a resource centre with Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials. IEC materials are a great resource at HRCU because they facilitate the work of HRDs.

HRCU has well packaged IEC materials with information for educating HRDs as well as the general public.

A number of national and international instruments including Chapter Four of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda, The UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, social and Cultural Rights which have been translated in seven local languages, printed and distributed to HRDs to promote awareness of human rights.